Welcome, Time Traveler!

Since the 1960s and maybe even before that, many along with myself have witnessed a growing awareness of how drugs mask symptoms while, more often than not, don’t heal or cure the condition. We’ve come to accept this state of affairs as being “normal” when nothing could be farther from the truth since we didn’t used to believe this until Television commercials convinced us otherwise!


Or your illness goes away only to return later on, worse than before?

Another manifestation may be in that one condition is replaced by another, until after repeated visits to the clinic or hospital, you begin to think you’re suffering from “Revolving Door Syndrome.”

Are we only interested in what we can look at with our physical eyes, or should we also use our INNER EYE to SEE the invisible pieces to the puzzle of why we get sick?

I believe that Cancer is an environmental illness; in my brother’s case, it wasn’t chemically induced nor did he live near a power plant or eat too much of the wrong thing. My brother was an abuse survivor who got religion instead of psychotherapy, holding on to his resentment until it began to eat him alive.

Other than what we put in our mouth, should we be looking for spiritual, mental, emotional i.e., HOLISTIC reasons why our physical apparatus keeps breaking down or isn’t working the way it used to since we took that stressful job we hate, some time ago, or stayed with that cheating heart, or gave up our childhood dream to do “the responsible thing,” or changed when we had kids, putting our marriage at serious risk, stressing us in the process?

One of my clients stayed married to the same jerk who beat her for 18 years; a year after he divorced her for another woman, she was diagnosed with Lupus. An “autoimmune” disease is when the immune system attacks the body. “As above, so below,” right? Can you see the connection here?

Unlike drugs that only address the physical, essential oils work on all four levels of the human being simultaneously. They address the cause as well as the effect, of “dis-ease.”

ESSENTIAL OILS, whose active ingredients pharmaceutical companies isolate or mimic (as they are not allowed to patent natural substances), are very different than drugs in that ALL of an essential oil’s components are utilized by the patient whereas drugs use only one or more components. Could this account for “side-effects” simply because humans are natural, not “man-made"?

Granted, drugs such as morphine have their place but so does an ancient form of medicine that can deaden pain with a couple of well-placed needles. Like Acupuncture and Therapeutic Massage, authentic aroma therapy is thousands of years old. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” comes to mind. I welcome healers of all “cloths,” and lay people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired, to explore what their ancestors took for granted: the full benefit of Nature.

Welcome back to the future.

Mary Kinlen, CMT, BA