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Massage Oil Bottles


Massage Oil Bottles

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Massage Oil Bottles


Mary Kinlen, CMP (CA), CMT (IN), BA
P.O. Box 590932
San Francisco, CA 94159

Phone: 951-787-4895

International clients: Call 001-951-787-4895

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(Blended Lavender Oil)

Mary recommended an essential oil massage oil for a skin irritation problem my daughter and I were having. It worked wonders, after many weeks of trying over the counter medications that did nothing for us. So thankful for Mary's expertise! I don't know what I would have done without her. - J. Namio, CEO and Web Developer, Tempe AZ


(Roses 'N Cream):

I LOVE how this feels on my legs! My skin is different there than on my arms. It really makes a difference and it smells SO GOOD! I love putting it on! -V. Villacpuna, Riverside, CA. 

(Orange Blossom Cream):

It's gorgeous! So unusual, I've never smelled anything like this before. It's so beautiful. I love it. -Jason Crichton, Community Organizer, Washington, D.C. 

(Self-Confidence Massage Oil):

With each swipe of my self-confidence oil, I absorbed the calming feeling of pure potential unleashed, the enticing smell drawing me forward, the lingering feeling of the oil on my skin, the memory of my energizing conversations with Mary, all has helped me advance to a place I wanted to be. Thank you Mary, thank you both. -Corliss M. Klinzing- Hartge, Klinzing Hartge Family Foundation, Baltimore, Maryland

(Tropical Paradise love potion):

Now I know why the Tahitian women’s hair looks so thick, rich, shiny and beautiful.  I have read that they use this oil to condition their hair and skin.  My skin feels fabulous and my boyfriend thinks I smell good enough to eat!!  –LL Davis, NYC

(Inner Child Hurt Massage Oil):

It calms me when I use it. --Cary S., Borderline Personality, San Fransisco, CA

(Caretaker-Alzheimer’s/Dementia massage oil):

It comforts and soothes me. It’s my oasis, my own personal space. I smell it and also put it on my heart. –Sue E., Mother of Cary S. San Francisco, CA

(Amber-Musk-Aniseed massage oil):

I love smelling it. It also grounds me and I need that. The aniseed is like the icing on the cake. –Charity K., Schizophrenic, San Francisco, CA

(Self-Confidence massage oil):

Your philosophy of helping each other and working together in life are very beneficial as well as your massage oils. You encourage people including myself into taking better care of our health. –Jeannette Rowe, Fine Artist, Indianapolis, IN

(Emotional Refreshment massage oil):

It gave me energy and it’s uplifting. –David Martinez, Monterey, CA

(Pneumonia/Bronchitis massage oils):

I like the way it smells! As soon as I get out of the hospital, I’ll be able to use it every day as directed. --Judy Roland, Senior, Indianapolis, IN

(Stress #2 massage oil):

As soon as I smelled the one you used for stress, I immediately noticed a difference in the way that I felt. And my shoulder hasn’t hurt since. I guess there is a connection between body and mind. –Ginger Veach, Ball State U. Financial Aid Advisor, Muncie, IN

(“Love & Kisses from the Angels” (Rose, Neroli and Jasmine) atomizer spray):

Mmmmmmm, Ahhhh, Mary! Oh, it’s fabulous, I love it! It smells heavenly! Thank you so much. –Reverend Stephen Sinclair, Unitarian-Universalist Church of Indianapolis, IN

(Dry to Normal Face oil):

I can see a difference but the funny thing is, I also noticed I have more energy when I use it on the rest of my body! Go figure! Mary Farmington, NY, NY

(Focusing massage oil):

This helps my ADHD in a way the medication I take for it doesn’t. –Susan L. Woodstock, NY

(Pain massage oil):

Within an hour, I’d say about 80% of the pain was gone and I’m off the crutches now. –Sally H. Cinn., OH

(Respiration massage oil):

I was coming on to a cold and got this out and started smelling it and put it on my body. I kept smelling it. The cold, which would normally have lasted at least a month, was over in less than a week. But I also noticed my thinking improved as if I’d been in a fog. I still can’t get over that! --Trudi Hopkins, Santa Clara Cty, CA