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Mary Kinlen

“You know, I so love what I call Aroma Therapeutic Pharmacology because there’s nothing bad about Mother Nature’s healing flora; nothing fake about her, nothing greedy nor corrupt about her either; just the power of her love for us.

As far as the word “medicine” goes, when you think about it, modern allopathic “medicine” is the new kid on the block; before that, and for tens of thousands of years, our species had to go directly to the source for healing. And because of that, our species survived up until the AMA took over the reins of what ended up being our “failed health care system.” It failed me in 1979; then my sister, mother and father and two months ago, my little brother, in their untimely deaths from illnesses taxes have thrown way too much money at for cures. Could this have something to do with Nature’s perfect chemical compositions no scientist as yet can reproduce?

And isn’t it an added plus that these products are truly unique AND smell good? Let’s face it: People never forget a scent, especially one that evokes an emotion or memory of positive days gone by. The sense of smell is the one that lingers most so give your significant others something inspiring or mysterious to associate with you. Thank you all so much for your business and welcome back to the future!”

Mary Kinlen, Owner


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Phone: (951) 787-4895

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Orders are processed the following day, are "made-to-order" to ensure freshness, and may take up to ten days for delivery. All domestic orders are shipped US Priority mail with confirmation. International orders are shipped USPS Global Priority Mail. For International customers the total will be processed in American Dollars, your credit card will reflect American currency. there is a no minimum dollar amount to place an order.  We recognize there are many different size businesses out there and we don't want to leave any of them out.

Please take extra care to make sure that you enter your shipping information correctly.  You will have a minimum of two opportunities to confirm that all of the information that you entered is correct before you finalize your order.  You will also receive an automatic email confirmation, of your order, at the email address that was used when you placed your order.  We will ship your order to the address that you entered.  Your order will be shipped to the address that you entered when you placed your order unless you contact us with alternate shipping information.  Please be prepared to verify that you are the person who placed the order if you have to contact us to change the shipping address.

If you enter incorrect shipping information, when you place your order, the package will ship to the address supplied and the carrier may, or may not, be able to deliver it.  If it can not be delivered the carrier will charge the return shipping charges to The Future Pharmacy and return the package.  We will contact you about the failed delivery.  If it is confirmed that you entered incorrect shipping information you will need to pay to re-ship your package to the correct address and you will be required to pay the return shipping charges that resulted from the package being shipped to the incorrect address supplied at the time of the order.  If the package is left at the incorrect address, and you contact us to make us aware of the mistake, we will have the carrier attempt to pick the package up, at the incorrect address, and we will do our best, and require that the carrier does their best, to get your package from the receiver and back on its way to you.  You will be required to pay any additional shipping charges. 


All orders must be paid in advance of shipping. We accept Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. For International customers the total will be processed in American Dollars, your credit card will reflect American currency. If there is a discrepancy with what the website charged you for your order, shipping or product, you will be notified via the email address associated with your order and we will charge any deficiency to the original method of payment if you paid by credit card or we will send you a Paypal request if paid through Paypal. 


If you pay by PayPal your order will be shipped to the address that you selected as your shipping address with PayPal.  We can not ship to any other address.  If you need to change the address, for your order, you will need to change your address with PayPal before placing your order.  If you entered an address at PayPaI, that can not be shipped to, then you will need to cancel your order and place a separate order with the correct address after changing your address at PayPal.  If your order has already processed before you contact us that the shipping information is incorrect your refund will be subject to any applicable cancellation fees.  If you enter a shipping address on The Future Pharmacy website, to calculate the shipping cost, and then use a different address when you are re-directed to, and check out at, PayPal, you will be responsible for the shipping charges to the address that you selected at PayPal as that is the address that your order MUST be shipped to and we will contact you for any shipping owed and your order will not ship until you pay the shipping charges to the actual address being used for shipping.


If you have placed your order and find that you need to change the shipping address, please call us as soon as possible. If your package has already shipped and the carrier has to change the deliver address, of a package already in their system, there is a fee. Your original method of payment will be charged a $15.00 address correction fee. This fee will be paid whether they are able to catch the package, and update the address, or not. The fee is compensation for the follow through work that they must do in order to try to change the address, of a package already in their system. This is not our policy and is beyond our control. Sometimes we are able to get the carrier to override the fee when the change does not get handled in time. If that is the case then we will refund the fee. If it has not shipped then we will make every attempt to change the shipping address.

Our system is fully automated so we can not guarantee that your order will ship to the updated address. We will not reimburse any shipping charges for mis-delivered packages, due to an address change so, please be prepared to make the arrangements, necessary, to get your package from your original shipping address to your updated address. The only way to guarantee that your package is delivered to the address, that you prefer, is for you to make sure that you place your order with the correct shipping information when you place your order. The Future Pharmacy will not be responsible for any charges related to an order that requires a shipping address change, nor for a package delivered to the original shipping address, supplied at that time of the order.


You are welcome to ship your order to anyone that you'd like.  Please keep in mind however, that we do not accept responsibility beyond delivering to the address that you enter when you place your order.  Any issues that you may have will have to be taken up with the third party as we can not account for what they may do, or what may happen, to your order once they have received it.  Please direct all inquiries, regarding your items, to the third party that you chose to ship to.   We run a triple  confirmation to ensure that the order is complete when it leaves our warehouse so you may rest assured that your order will ship, to the third party, complete. 


Currently, we ship to several different countries. If your country is not on the list of available countries during the check out process please contact us and we can determine if it is possible to ship to that country. All International shipping is provided by United States Postal Service or FedEx.

International orders will see a delay in their order due to the processing times.  This may take up to 10 business days. Orders shipping within Russia or Ukraine will experience even longer delays due to USPS's inability to process orders online.  These orders have to be manually brought to the post office to process them for shipping.

When checking out please select "Outside the US" for the state in your billing, contact and/or shipping information.


You will be notified if any of the oils you ordered are currently out of stock. We issue credit for prepaid items (check, Money Order etc.). Please reorder out-of-stock items at a future date.


We believe in customer service, unlike many other companies. We want your use of The Future Pharmacy products to be the best possible experience you have had in a long time.  If you order something by mistake, and don't break the seal, just give us a call for an RMA number and we will gladly allow you to return it, subject to the current return policy, so long as it is returned;  in the condition that it was shipped, with no evidence of tampering, which would include any puncture, no matter how small, to the seal.  For quality and sanitation reasons, we do not accept returns;  of anything that has been opened, is not packaged with a tamper evident seal, or of any packaging.  We absolutely must be able to guarantee quality and sanitation, of our products, to our other customers, and such returns would compromise that guarantee.  The return would, then, have to be discarded and the loss would drive our prices up.  We don't believe that all customers should have to pay for any one else's mistakes.


All payment/billing information is deleted from our server after processing. All credit card payments are processed through Pay Pal's latest encrypting technology to protect from unauthorized access. You can be assured, as I am, of feeling safe and secure. We never share any information about our customers email, telephone number, or address. Our customers’ records are kept private!


I wish to thank the following for their tireless work in bringing awareness to the public of the ageless benefits of essential oils: Rose Heart, David and Carol Schiller, Maggie Tisserand, Valerie Ann Worwood, Denise Diamond, Monika Junemann, Edwin T. Morris, Giusseppe Donato, Monique Seefried, Joan Scobey, Norma Myers, Marcel Lavabre, Alan Hayes, Jeanne Rose, Leo Vinci, Scott Cunningham, Richard Allan Iona Miller, Rita Schnitzer, Gail Duff, Glen Ponwall, Nigel Groom, Jean-Yves Gaborit, Michal Dayagi-Mendels, W.A. Poucher, Jean Valnet, Annick LeGuerer, Maribeth Riggs. Thank you and those who came before you, for showing me the way. Blessed be.