What if doctors could FINALLY realize their dream of healing their patients.

What if doctors could finally realize their dream of healing patients

The thing that makes ANY kind of healer truly holistic is this core belief in body, mind, emotions and spirit being interconnected. To illustrate my point, consider “Alice,” a long-term smoker: 21st Century holistic healers address the person in the body (giving the body a hard time) in addition to her physical symptoms, such as painful breathing, by using two or more appropriate modalities that, together, address the whole person. Just as MEDICUPPING can release deeply buried nicotine (that reinforce her physical cravings) while CHIROPRACTIC affects the spinal nerves that relate to the lungs, authentic AROMATHERAPY can diminish pain, balance hormones, detoxify, and release buried emotion, all of which strengthen the immune system. BECAUSE HOMO SAPIENS IS SO COMPLEX IN “WHAT MAKES US TICK,” IT TAKES MORE THAN ONE MODALITY TO SOLVE OUR INDIVIDUAL “DIS-EASE.” Allopathic physician Dr. Oz, having acted upon this core belief, is living proof that doctors CAN realize their dreams.

Professional Massage TherapistAccording to MASSAGE & BODYWORK magazine (May/June 2012, “That Extra Touch,” p 21): “What client wouldn’t feel pampered knowing his therapist prepared massage oils specifically with him in mind; i.e., a customized blend for an individual client using essential oils that address specific needs. At the end of the session, send your client home with a vial of that oil.”

As both our sense of smell and memory are closely associated with the deep limbic area of the brain, your patient will associate the **positive pleasing** aroma with YOU.

Professional ChiropractorThe therapeutic-grade essential oils found in these ‘designer’ blends directly affect the brain in such a way that, when used as directed, may assist you in helping your patients return to past levels of well-being, even exceeding those levels.

This is a truly EXCITING time to be a healer in the United States.