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Mary Kinlen
Photo taken in Asheville, NC 1998

Some people think angels are not real while others want to believe but don’t think angels appear to us in modern history let alone the 21st century, for Christ’s sake!

Still others think they have to be bound by a dogmatic or fundamentalist religion, or suffer in some other way for a long time to pay for the rights to an angelic event.

What I know for sure is that you have to be open to it because angels, while invisibly serving us behind the scenes, will not interfere with human free will which includes our belief system...

...and that once an angel has appeared to you, it changes the course of your life, and you don’t just believe anymore.

Any doubt or belief in angels you may have had is replaced by this concrete experiential KNOWING that there is a Prime Creator who loves us and that angels are the messengers of that fact of life.

People who have been visited by angels speak of a heavenly aroma not found on Earth; of those, many reported that what they smelled reminded them of fragrances or blends of fragrances such as those offered here.

Mary c. 1955
Mary c. 1955

When I was a little girl, after getting in bed at night, I’d hold back the “covers” making room for my angel to climb in beside me.

After that period of my life, I never gave angels much thought until, at the age of 40, my very life depended on it.

I am one of the fortunate human beings on Earth to have been visited by an angel but oh the price I paid for that supernatural experience that made me far more than a believer.

(See Mary’s brand new blog for the rest of her true story, and her invitation to share YOUR true story there.)

Indeed, each of us has an angel that has been assigned to us for this lifetime; can you imagine that?

Someone serving your best interests, watching out for you, saving your life at times, that you don’t even know exists, and who isn’t God?

Would you like to get on its wavelength as much as is humanly possible?

More to the point, would you like to “connect” with this divine being in however this is going to manifest, be it seeing the angel, seeing nothing but brilliant loving white light or just knowing this heavenly being is there in your presence?

Short of your life being in eminent danger, and experiencing an angel that way, in order to do so without such terrifying drama, you can discover your angel’s or guardian’s vibrational scent.

Just know that you can never match it exactly with anything here on Earth because angels exist in another realm than ours.

What I propose FIRST is that you raise your vibratory rate to that of your Soul’s so that your angel can lower its rate to your heightened vibratory rate in order for both you and your angel to make the connection.

You know, the personality, which some refer to as the “little self,” that grows with the FINITE body throughout life, is referred to as the “unit of incarnation,” that operates at a very low rate of vibration, especially when you are angry, or ingest certain foods and liquids.

By the way, there’s a world of difference between the personality which cannot comprehend eternity… and our Soul, i.e., our eternal unit of evolution or “BIG SELF,” which can. 

It all boils down to this. WOULD YOU, if you could, like to have a supernatural experience that leaves you in a better place in your life, as a result?

To resonate with our Soul or what I also call “the One Who Cares,” daily yogic meditation and prayer is a sure bet.

As well, certain of Mother Nature’s high-vibrational botanicals can also help us make the connection.   Enter here the angelic fragrances. (What you see on this page is not an exhaustive list).

It may take just one single note or more than likely a blend of two or more of these or other fragrances to find your Soul scent.

Once you have found it, your angel will be able to lower His or Her vibration to yours.

You see, your angel’s rate of vibration is different from anything found on our plane of existence; it’s too high for us. An angel must lower its vibratory rate to connect with ours but ours must first be as high as we can make it.

The prevailing thought at this time is that a single note fragrance or blends of the highest vibrational botanicals — usually certain species of certain flowers are what works.

Once you have SEEN what you need, through your senses and intuition, experiment with single notes or blends until you find your Soul’s note.

These high-vibrational essences are in such great demand that while supplies are low due to harvesting costs, many are out of stock quickly or they are too cost-prohibitive for even wholesale suppliers.

Additionally, it seems the higher the vibration, the less of their essence they can or will give up making for high production costs for little return, the price reflected at wholesale market.

For example, the life force or essence of Rose costs $159 for one teaspoon (5ml) wholesale; that’s because it takes 60,000 roses to get just one ounce of essential oil, or about 60 roses to get but one drop.

With that said, the happy news is that a few drops of these massage oils rubbed over your chakras or pulse points is enough to raise your vibration.

God wants us to know Him/Her/It any way possible including through his heavenly messengers and those of the Earth.

To the right is a list of individual single note fragrances, essential oils or absolutes diluted in carrier oils that you can blend to discover your Soul perfume.

TIP: Read the text underneath the image as well as the individual web page linked to the name of the fragrance. Make notes of what “speaks” to your heart, not your head. This is important.

When you find what your heart desires and needs the most, followed by finding the right single note or blend, the smelling of your Soul’s aroma may bring an indescribable feeling of wholeness, of “being home,” surrendering into the arms of the divine.

People have been known to achieve states of ecstasy, bliss, joy, peace and the shedding of a painful past. To me, this must be God’s definition of “PROSPERITY.”

The Master did say “The kingdom of heaven is within; seek ye first the kingdom, and all shall be added unto ye."

Finally, if you don’t find everything you’re looking for here, as this is not an exhaustive list, check out the GLOSSARY OF ESSENTIAL OILS AND ABSOLUTES (in the drop-down window under FACTS & FIGURES)  to discover all of the ingredients or perfect single note for your recipe at this time.  Single note fragrances not found here are very affordable at $19.95 or 2 for $29.95.

Blessed Be.

Mary Kinlen



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If you cannot see this beautiful video, lower your filters to “medium.” 

Have you ever been visited by an ANGEL? Share your true story
on MARY'S BLOG. Be sure to read about Mary's experience!


“There was at first a dazzle of light which manifested from the heart of a tall figure with a body apparently shaped out of half-transparent or opalescent air, and throughout the body ran a radiant electrical fire, to which the heart seemed the center. Around the head…there appeared flaming wing-like auras. From the being itself, light seemed to stream outward in every direction; and the effect left on me after the vision was one of extraordinary lightness, joyousness, or ecstasy.”

--George W. Russell, late Irish poet

“Not only was his robe exceedingly white, but his whole person was glorious beyond description, and his countenance truly like lightning. The room was exceedingly light, but not so very bright as immediately around his person.”

--Joseph Smith, American, describing the Angel Moroni, 1823 A.D.

“And behold, there was a great earthquake, for the angel of the Lord descended from heaven, and came and rolled back the stone from the door and sat upon it. His countenance was like lightning, and his raiment white as snow.”

--Matthew 28: 2-3

Angelica Essential Oil is a delicate oil extracted from the root of Angelica, a large 'fur covered' plant with ferny leaves and umbles of white flowers. There are over 30 different types of Angelica, but Angelica archangelica is the most commonly used medicinally. Known as the 'holy spirit root' or 'oil of angels', Angelica oil's healing powers were considered so strong as to be thought of Divine origin by Europeans. Stems of the plant were chewed during the plague of 1660 to prevent infection; when burned, the seeds and roots were thought to purify the air.

The Chinese use at least 10 types of Angelica, well known in Chinese medicine for promoting fertility, fortifying spirit and for treating female disorders in general - Angelica's reputation for support is second only to Ginseng.

Native to Europe and Siberia, Angelica grows up to 6 feet tall, with 340 pounds of plant material needed to produce one pound of Angelica root essential oil.

The fragrance of Angelica essential oil may help release negative feelings from traumatic events; it is emotionally calming. Many find Angelica essential oil to be an important addition to their healing or spiritually-protective blends. Angelica flower essence is used to open the doorway to protection from spirit realms.

4 oz. Angelica Root Essential Oil in nourishing Jojoba and Grapeseed Oils: $49.95

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Imagine, if you will, a gorgeous spring day with azure blue skies and baby pink cotton candy clouds. It’s just before sunset, and you’re walking through this lush green meadow filled with flowers, butterflies, and ladybugs that border an orange tree grove laden with tiny white orange blossoms. Coming from that direction, a soft breeze brings this uplifting aroma into your soul, triggering memories of youth in the spring of your life. This is what I "get" with Neroli. What happens to you?

4 oz. Neroli Essential Oil in nourishing Jojoba and Grapeseed Oil: $59.95

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The Sufis, who claim to have brought aroma therapy to Earth, consider Rose the Queen of all essences, saying that Rose works simultaneously on the physical, emotional, and spiritual bodies, purifying and uplifting all three.  The Indians reportedly discovered rose oil at the time of the wedding of Shah Jehan, the one who built the Taj Mahal and Shalimar Gardens as a testament of his unyielding love for one of his wives.  For the wedding day, he had filled the moat surrounding his castle with rose petals, over which the wedding guests were to be ferried.  As the Sun beat down its heat upon the rose petals, it caused a natural distillation of the oil which rose up to the top of the water, creating what has come to be called Rose Otto. Today an ounce of unadulterated  Rose Otto costs $575.  With Rose Absolute, the whole flower is pressed and you get an aroma closer to that of the flower.   This oil is a combination of both types.

4 oz. Rose Oil in nourishing massage and water-dispersant bath oil: $49.95

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According to Sufi healers, this angelic fragrance is the scent favored by the shaykhs of the famous whirling dervish mystic dancers of Turkey (Gurgieff comes to mind), because of its ability to uplift mood and lessen mental depression. Jasmine is the most celebrated flower in all of Morocco, used in every type of ceremony including weddings. To ensure therapeutic potency, the flowers are harvested at night or before sunrise on the first day of bloom, accounting for one of the reasons it is so costly to produce. So many flowers are distilled for just one drop is but another reason. But the aroma is worth the price.

4 oz. Jasmine Absolute in nourishing massage and water-dispersant bath oil: $49.95

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Pink Lotus

The “thousand-petaled lotus blossom” that sits atop the head of many thousands of Buddha statues throughout India speaks of the spirituality component of this flower, for it corresponds with the Crown Chakra, the etheric energy center of the astral body that connects us with our Higher Self or Soul, our spirit guides that include our guardian angel, and God. It is the portal through which our spirit leaves at night when we sleep, and for good when the silver cord is severed at physical death. With a lovely scent, Pink Lotus is the perfect anointing oil for quieting the mind in preparation for yogic meditation. It is also used for astral projection and soul reclamation work with spirits on the other side of life, who, when in physical bodies, had died suddenly and/or violently and are “earthbound.” Use on the “higher mind” brow chakra, or “third eye” for illumination as this chakra is where the “Second Sight” originates.

4 oz. Pink Lotus Absolute in nourishing massage and water-dispersant bath oil: $69.95

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The Plumeria flower of India rejuvenates and refreshes all aspects of myself while heightening internal and external awareness. It is one of the most sensual spiritual aromas on Earth and because of that, I consider Frangipani one of the Universal Mother of all Creation’s fragrances, to be used especially on the lower three chakras which are her domain. Confidence and self-esteem-wise, Frangipani builds up from the inner to the outer part of one’s being. In the United States during the 60s and the Hippie Revolution that was a huge period of Self-Exploration and effort to make love, not war, with the testosterone hormonal urges, Frangipani incense was burned in all of the hippie shops, at concerts happening in or outside, on college campuses, it was almost as if the city of San Francisco smelled like Frangipani! It is one of the oils used in my Libido Boost love potion for the seniors of which I am one, for its aphrodisiac properties. I love smelling this divine oil and if you are a Baby Boomer like me, you probably will too.

4 oz. Frangipani Absolute in nourishing massage and water-dispersant bath oil: $69.95

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linden blossom

According to Valerie Worwood, British pharmacist and master aromatherapist, whose clientele include the royal family, and whom angels have appeared to, “Love in all its many guises speaks through Linden blossom. It touches those hidden areas of self we may have denied love access to, bringing into our hearts the ever-understanding expression of love and oneness. A graceful fragrance, it manifests a calm spirit, bringing a sense of relaxation to our prayers and meditations, and graciousness to all we do. A fragrance of mercy, it brings with it the ability to be merciful and non-judgemental in our dealings. Linden can be used when things seem cold, and people unfeeling; when life appears to be rough, harsh, and uncaring. It brings back a sense of respect for others and the enchantment of being kind, and helps us to accept the kindness shown to us without expecting there to be ulterior motives for such actions…Linden blossom is for when sadness blocks the heart from feeling love and for when we are in need of peace and happiness. An angelic aroma associated with angels, which brings the peace and contentment that can only come from the angelic realms.” Enough said.

4 oz. Linden Blossom Absolute Essential Oil in nourishing massage and
water-dispersant bath oil: $69.95

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People who have seen angels have often reported the aroma of Narcissus accompanied the event. The same can be said for the other angelic fragrances but this one seems to help people in times of transition including physical death. It can bring the angelic realm closer. It could almost be said that this fragrance leads us beyond our imagination to things we couldn’t imagine happening on Earth, but elsewhere, maybe in our dreams at night. This is the “stairway to heaven” angelic fragrance that assists one in overcoming self-made blockages, and most of all, fear of the unknown. According to Greek Mythology, Narcissus, the flower-god, was captured by the Titans via a magical reflecting pool. Entrapping his very soul, he died, reappearing every spring as the (daffodil) flower named after him.

4 oz. Narcissus Absolute in nourishing massage and
water-dispersant bath oil: $89.95

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Sorry, but this one is out of season, or out of stock, impossible to get, or too cost-prohibitive at the present time.



This angelic fragrance is also one that assists us in leaving the earth plane, temporarily or in physical death. It connects us with the Divine deep within our very Soul. It is a powerful hypnotic that encourages forgiveness, courage, trust, faith and calms us down, quelching our fears, helping us make the great transition we must all face. This is another flower aroma frequently reported by those who have been visited by angels. Perhaps it comes closer to that other-worldly fragrance for nothing on Earth is the same as that of the realm between us and God. Hyacinth is a great one for building in the attribute of healthy self-expression. It assures us that we are not alone, that there IS something on the other side of life. Something that loves us unconditionally. Think about that for a minute. Something like “man’s best friend” only much better, that awaits us. Our true home, our best friends are there, or more of them, I should say. This heady, voluptuous fragrance reminds us of the ecstacy of pure, divine, love.

4 oz. Hyacinth Absolute in nourishing massage and water-dispersant
bath oil: $89.95

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Messages from the Divine can come through with the use of this oil on all seven of the major Chakras, especially the brow and crown chakras. There is also what is reputed to be an 8th chakra that resides between the heart and the throat chakras which has to do with universal love. Put it there as well. People who have had near-death experiences have, at times, seen their entire life as frames in a movie, go before them. This may not be like that but it is a kind of metaphor for Carnation’s effect upon the soul of man as memories merge together like a story, the story of our life. It’s probably different for everybody in how it effects us but some have reported the above, enough, so that I must mention it and that it makes us better human beings in how we treat our fellowman/woman. We can experience a oneness with the universe or is it just me? We may better understand why we are here and what our life purpose is. Again is it just me? All I can say is, I have always loved carnation since I was a little girl, for the way it made me feel. And since Spirit has a direct line in to our Feelings, I hope you FEEL the same way too (or close to it).

4 oz. Carnation Absolute in nourishing massage and water-dispersant
bath oil: $89.95

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According to Valerie Worwood, “Tuberose embodies forgiveness and the rediscovering of self-love when the self is lost and the spirit low. When the ego has received many life blows, and is depressed and unable to connect with the higher realms, Tuberose assists in that reconnection. This is a perfume for when finding oneself in a world in which it is easy to be without hope. When all seems lost, it brings the ego into the spirit, in an event that brings balance and harmony. It helps in transporting the spirit to places unknown, where it can dwell for a brief moment, finding comfort and knowing. Tuberose is for the finding of truth in truths long forgotten, for bringing hopes and dreams and prayers to their rightful place, and in so doing, it integrates the highest elements of the ego within spiritual wonderment. Tuberose is a fragrance associated with a particular type of angelic being—seemingly one who brings messages very clearly and with much love. The fragrance assists us in understanding our life’s purpose, and perhaps in how better to give the love that we have been given in abundance from the angelic realms and God.” One teaspoon of Tuberose Essential Oil—at this time—wholesale, costs $175. Few suppliers carry it. As with all of the angelic fragrances but especially with Tuberose, use this oil sparingly on the Vita Flex pulse points (in front of and behind and on the outside of ears; temples, wrists, and bottoms of feet), or the root (end of spine),heart and perhaps all 7 major chakras but especially the root and heart. A drop on these areas is sufficient. Don't forget to inhale deeply as that also works!

4 oz. Tuberose Absolute in nourishing massage and water-dispersant
bath oil: $89.95

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Sorry, but this one is out of season, or out of stock, impossible to get, or too cost-prohibitive at the present time.

PLEASE NOTE: Due to many agricultural factors that change with each season's harvest, prices may be subject to change.


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